I’m an independent advisor on sustainability initiatives, helping businesses transform and communicate their impact strategies. I’m also the founder, designer, and maker at Many Hands - a jewelry brand that pushes for collective positive change in the jewelry and mining industries.

With work experience ranging from fashion e-commerce to Amazonian tea farming, I support holistic models that make good sense for all stakeholders. I work collaboratively with organizations of any size - from large companies integrating responsible changes to smaller SMEs with impact-driven origins. 

I have an educational background in anthropology and I’ve lived abroad in countries like Brazil and Spain, nurturing an innate love for diverse cultures and peoples. Across all roles and industries, I consistently search for ways to understand the intersection of people, planet, and profit. I embrace flexibility and spontaneity in the “career path,” and I enjoy taking on new work challenges. You can also find me jamming to music or creating cut-and-paste collages (more on that below). 

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Some recent hand-cut collages I’ve done: